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Monday, 15 September 2014

Let's begin a Nursery... DIY

Mermaid Themed Nursery:

Well, if you haven't heard already, we are expecting a baby girl to arrive in October- YAY! Now, there are TONS and TONS of nursery DIYs all over the internet and more-so on Pinterist, but since I have decided to once again make my own nursery décor, I figured: Hey, what's one more tutorial or two?
So in the coming weeks, I will attempt to show you how to create a nursery like ours. A beachy/mermaid/glamour theme. As whats a beach without mermaids and what's a mermaid without a little glam of pearls and gold? If I used someone else's tutorial, the link will be here for you too! If I am really good, I will even post links to other cute DIY projects coordinating with my theme that I just couldn't fit in our room.. Hope you enjoy!

Alright, so my first project was my crib bedding. I chose two patterns I loved in Target's sheets section and purchased 2 double sets of my pink pattern and a double of my blue/green. I also had a grey sheet set at home that had never been opened and used it for coordinating pieces here and there in the nursery. I found these tutorials very helpful in creating my crib set and bumper pads. The only change I did was to the ruffle skirt: instead of having sewing my sides to a piece of fabric, I attached ribbon every 4-5 inches  and tied it to the crib springs instead to help save on fabric and then when I lower the crib, I can change the skirt to hang nicely once again.

 The backside of my blanket: this blanket is huge! It is 1 full meter of minky fabric, but it's a large blanket, perfect for a stroller, on the couch, making it a good size for my daughter to grow in to. I am not a big fan of those baby blankets that are 30" by 30" they only last for a month or two and other than sewing them all into a large memory quilt they are never seen again, just placed in a large bin for your child to see when they are older. I used my sheet set for the front, and the other sheet set was pleated to make the ruffles along the edge. Pretty simple; the one thing I did not do, was place quilt batting in the center, I am wishing that I did now as it's pretty thin, but good thing it's just for snuggles and I can always rip the seams and insert one later.

My next project was my chair. I don't have a before picture, but it was purchased from Sears, had a white microfiber cushion and wasn't too bad, but I just wanted to punch it up a bit more. So I followed a couple tutorials, this one for the ottoman, and for my actual chair I just did my own thing. I took all the pieces off(they are attached with ties), traced around them in fabric leaving 1/2" for seam allowance and sewed right sides together and then stuffed them with the old pieces: I just made a cover for them really, keeping the old material in tact and adding ties and snaps in the same area as the previous cushions and it turned out great. This was a really quick project: it probably took an hour or two. But here is a tutorial on removing the material and covering everything to be a new chair, as well as this one, but mine is super simple, and involves no seam ripping.

I took an old ugly Walmart lamp and found coordinating fabric and covered it using glue. I might add some embellishments but not sure what yet.


My next project, was the dresser. I took a piece of my pink fabric down to a local hardware store and matched it to some paint and got started: this colour is Mexican Chili. I took plastic primer paint and did two coats on the entire dresser and drawers. Once dry I did two coats of pink paint and painted my dresser handles with a enamel gloss white spray paint. This pink colour is also used to do my accent fish scale wall below.

Accent wall: fish scales/mermaid scales. This had to be my most time consuming project: after my mother in law and husband painted the roof white and the walls grey, I made a stencil on posterboard just like her wall here, but I used two pot lids one for the scale part, the outer lid for the swags. I then cut out the actual scallop shapes leaving me with a bunch of curves. Starting with the top center, I traced out all the cutouts with a pencil, and repeated until the entire wall resembled hers. Then using my pink paint, I did two coats on all my scales: this took FOREVER let me tell you; even with a helping husband. When I finally finished the entire wall, it didn't look like mermaid scales, so some clear glitter glue was painted on random scales and it makes it look wonderful; much more mermaid-y!

Look at that glitter!

Then I attempted a paper mobile. I used a wooden wreath frame like the one she used here,(I found mine at Michaels) and painted it white using acrylic paint. Then using pinks, blues, greens, and whites, I followed this tutorial, but used flower wire instead as I had it handy and it was white. I had some grey paper lanterns tucked away from our wedding and was able to throw those in as well. One of my favorite pieces. This picture looks like I hung everything crooked, let me assure you it is just my camera phone not being held straight :).


I purchased some simple wood frames from Walmart and seashells and was able to make a few frames to go with our theme. I also found some plastic coral in the fish/pet section in blues and pinks and was going to spray paint them with my white enamel, but they are similar shades to my room so I may leave them for now. I filled a few dollarstore vases with remaining shells to place around the room and even found this amazing seashell décor piece at Home Sense that will sit beside my rocking chair to hold suckies so I always know where they are and I don't have to see them ;). Ignore my diaper box; it became my craft box while I was doing projects for this room :)

For my little munchkin, I made a few hairbands: using bands from the dollarstore and felt bows and hot glue in a variety of colours and I made Jumbo and mini ones just to make statements. See the bottom of this post to see how I will showcase them. These are approximately 14" in diameter which fits about 6 months, but hey, it cost me about $10 for 40 bands in a variety of colours, patterns and sizes: win for me! I am also purchasing one of these sets to make some larger and smaller ones. Plus felt bows would get kinda boring, so what's a few flowers. AND, these help people determine whether or not my baby is a girl or boy, even when they are clearly dressed for their gender.

 I also made 3 shirts for my munchkin: This ribbon shirt, using 3" pieces of ribbon, lace, ric-rac etc in two rows and then took an additional piece of lace to cover my ends. I added the name using this tutorial and used my regular 'ol sewing machine.

This shirt is simple, it's wide vintage crochet lace just across the front.

My last shirt is a lower case "m" attached using heat n bond and a stabilizer on the inside. I used a zig zag stitch to make sure it wouldn't come off, and used this tutorial once again for the name, but placed it across the bum.

I have a few dresses I made as well over 2 years ago when I opened my first Etsy shop, but never sold them; I'm actually quite glad as I loved them and now I have a cute spring dress with matching headband and Christmas dress for Madison(not shown). It features an adorable crocheted collar and yellow/grey cotton fabric for the skirt.

To help add my beachy/mermaid theme, I did a photo wall. I hung my daughters name painted the same colour as the wall and dresser, and some pictures: most were pictures of mermaids, but I also did a fish, seahorse and shell by printing a template, tracing the lines with glue and topping with coordinating glitter from the dollarstore.


I also have this wonderful blanket: perfect for the car seat: it's a granny square in the same colours as my baby's bedroom. I lined the one side in fleece as my baby will be an October baby and it's cold here in October-March... The pillow is made using coordinating fabric and I used fleece to make a ruffle across the front to mimic my bedding.

My last project was the car seat cover. I used this tutorial, using my fabric stash: chenille fabric for the interior, an argyle cotton print exterior, and snaps to close it up in the snowy windy days...


I hope to make these projects as well:
  1. This seahorse rocking chair
  2. This headband holder
  3. Wall hanging: I love this, but cannot fit it into my nursery anywhere, but it is absolutely splendid if you end up doing a nautical/beach theme... Even paint their name across each paddle!!!
Here are some pinterist links that will help you find the inspiration I did:
  1. Nursery: Mermaid theme
  2. Diy Baby projects:
  3. A baby girl
  4. Baby and Toddler Gifts: clever little items that I love! To purchase or make!
So, what do you think? Are you in love with it as much as I am? I could sit in there for days and just stare at how it all came together, I am just in love! Only 4 weeks left counting down and I can not wait to bring my baby girl home...
-Myranda :)



















Thursday, 29 May 2014

Polka Dot Gender Reveal Sprinkle Cake

So today, you get two tutorials in one! Today I was able to find out the gender of our newest addition! I am so excited to share with you what gender our newest family member will be. To do this, I am making a vanilla cake with a colour appropriate interior from polka dots and the exterior will be covered in sprinkles! Both are very fun, and hot trends in the cake world!

To do this you will need:
  • Pre-baked cake pops or white cake mix( I will be using a baby cake pops machine)
  • Vanilla Cake batter(scratch recipe or box recipe made as instructions requested)
  • 6" cake pans x3
  • Buttercream(I love this recipe, but I add an extra cup of butter where I live)
  • Rainbow sprinkles(about 1 kg)
  • 2 6" cake boards
  • Cake release recipe or parchment paper
  • Ribbon in yellow or green.
  • food colouring
  • cake pop pan or baby cake pops machine

First, bake your cake pops in the baby cake pops machine using vanilla cake batter tinted in coordinating colours. You will need 21 cake pops for the three layers. I am making 12 green, 12 blue, 12 purple and 12 pink, as I am making two cakes and grabbing the correct one when it is time to announce our news! Here is my oldest booger helping me mix the colours.

Make your cake mix as recipe or box instructions request. Prepare your pans using the cake release, or line with parchment paper. Add a small amount of batter to the 3 pans to help hold your cake pops in place. Place 7 cake pops in each pan, with 1 in the center and remaining 6 around the middle cake pop, like below. Do this to all 3 pans and divide the remaining batter to all three pans, making sure to cover your cake pops. Bake as directed, or until toothpick comes out clean.

Let cool.

Now the fun part! DECORATING!!

If you need to, cut of any of the tops to make the cake flat and even like above. This helps to find where the colours are. I needed to place my purple centre and green centre in the middle tier. Place a small amount of buttercream on a cake board, then place a layer of cake on top. Add a layer of icing and top with another layer of cake. Repeat 1 more time. Until you have something that looks like this. Cover your top and sides of cake in a very thin layer of icing(crumb coat) and place in refrigerator until firm.

Add more icing to sides of cake, place 2nd cake board on top of cake. Pour your sprinkles into a large tray or plate. Placing your hands on both cake boards(1 on top, 1 on bottom, roll the sides of the cake in sprinkles, until covered. Using your hands, gently press the sprinkles to make sure they have adhered all the way around. Add sprinkles to patches if needed.

Remove cake board from top of cake. Add icing to top, smooth evenly, being careful to not cover the sprinkles on the sides. Place your cake in a large dish/plate to catch sprinkles. Using your hands, spoon or small cup, place a large pile of sprinkles on the top, and gently smooth them out and to the sides, adding more sprinkles if necessary.

Place cake on a cake plate/stand and add ribbon to bottom or cake, tie in a bow. Now gather your friends and family and let someone special cut the cake open. :)

Update: This cake does appear to have a ton of sprinkles on it, but its not overwhelming, which is fantastic for anyone who dislikes sprinkles or sweets!

Thanks for reading!!

You didn't think I would hold out on you, did you??? Of course not!  Yay!! We are expecting a sweet little girl!!! Our little booger is going to make a great big brother!!!



Thursday, 8 May 2014


Well my last post was very special and I am so glad to announce that we have a winner! A dear fan who has been following me for quite some time, so it really was good to give back to her.

Want to know what is SoooOOooo exciting about this post? Check out these cookies with original design credit due to SugarBelle's brilliant post. I love these cookies and even more I love what they announce: my husband and I are expecting our second child! Yippee! We are beyond excited and have been crazy busy renovating to make room for our soon-to-be addition. So with that said, this post is to honor all mothers, and expectant mothers, seeing as how Mother's Day is only a few days away... I found this fantastic tutorial over at Montreal Confections(YouTube) and loved the simplicity of it.. Seriously , these are too easy, fun and look sensational.. The cost to make them are low and they have a high impact!

Don't you love them? The tag is a cookie too, I thought it would be a fun addition to the pot. Hope you have a fantastic weekend and mother's day!!!

Sunday, 9 March 2014

A Very Special Post

Well, as most of you know, I have been wanting to do a giveaway for quite some time, since 500 likes on Facebook, but life, getting married, Christmas, returning to work and more milestones came and went and I had no idea what I wanted to give back to you for being so supportive and fantastic over the past year.  What makes this giveaway such a special post? Well I still am deciding what to give you, but I have some ideas... Want to see? One or all of these prizes will be included in this prize package...

A Jumbo Cupcake Pan! I use mine all the time, even if you don't know how to decorate a cake, this is sooo simple! You bake, add some icing and some sprinkles, add candles or any other fancy decorations to give this to anyone!! People love seeing this Giant Cupcake, they get so excited and think you actually carved it by hand!

This is fantastic! This is another piece from Wilton and I bought this very same set when I started my cookie collection & decorating. I now have about 1000 cutters that need to be used, but this is what started them all. This set contains letters, numbers, sports, holidays, transportation, flowers, etc... Tons of cutters for you to use and make some beautiful cookies...

Sometimes, you get told at 8pm that you need some treats or cookies for class tomorrow and have no time to go buy any and here comes that late night baking adventure. Here's a gift to you to re-energize yourself or go buy some delicious cake pops and a caramel macchiato on me.
I might also have time to throw in some cookies, sprinkles, sugars, or any other fun goodies I can think of or find, but this is what you might see in my upcoming giveaway... Make sure you like and share my page with your friends to be entered! 
Open to Canadian and U.S residents only:)
Till next time!!!

Sunday, 29 December 2013

A year of cake comes to a close...

Well 2013 was a fun year! I was enrolled in a few wilton cake classes, I started "Myranda's Sweet Treats" the blog and business, attended some craft shows and battled some cake and cookie issues that almost had me in tears!!! 

I completed my first wedding cake, that was definitely a great achievement for me and I have the bottom two tiers displayed proudly in my china cabinet with my other beautiful white dishes.

I feel like I have come a LONG way since my first cake(I will try to find a picture) and I have learned sooo much from the great cake amand cookie artists that one day I aspire to be..

So as this tremendous and absolutely motivating year comes to an end, I wanted to share one last cake with you before a whole new year and set of cake/cookie trends begin...

To be honest this entire year, I was never able to do an ombré or rose swirl cake, both of which were very popular, so when my client Amber asked me to make a cake for her sister Linsy, I was kinda stumped... "She's 30 and it will be be years eve, I'm sure you can do something" ... Hmm well Linsy is a funky chick, she's always in style, and has cute trendy hair as she is a very popular hairdresser in our little town, so what could I do to match her personality and trendiness? I came across a very similar cake, and will link the original as soon as my computer is back up and running, but here it is. Ombré. Rose swirls. Glitter. 30. I love how it turned out especially the white/real contrast and the pink flowers pop... I hope you love it as much as I do!!!


Here's to another year with great fans! Happy new year and thanks for all of your support!!!

Myranda xxx

Monday, 23 December 2013

Last Minute Christmas Gift... DIY

Well Christmas is fast approaching: 2 days in fact and while I am ready for the big day, you may not.. You might have that one person left that you have no idea what to get or you may just want to get your lovely neighbours something other than a box of chocolates and that is why I am posting today. I have 3 great ideas and while 2 of them are very similar they differ slightly which is why it makes a great gift for a neighbour or teacher or cousin or aunt. My last gift is perfect for anyone: especially dish do-ers.

My first two DIY Gifts are obviously recipes. The first recipe being a delicious Pomegranate Chocolate Oatmeal Cookie. Tried and tested and these cookies are delicious and the pomegranate adds a surprising but fantastic texture.

My second recipe I found in my local grocery store weekly flyer. Just finished baking these puppies and although I never did add the frosting due to time constraints they are delish! I did make the icing and found that the cranberry juice was too much and made a very runny icing, I suggest slowly adding the juice before you end up adding large amounts of icing sugar to help thicken it up like I did. These cookies look beautiful: Lemon Cranberry Shortbread Cookies.

My last and final project is one I just whipped up and took me less than 30 minutes start to finish.

First I decorated a bottle: I found this little jar at my local dollarstore for $2. I took some glitter ribbon(Michaels) and added double stick tape ( the one that comes in a handy dispenser like white out  rollers) to the back and attached to my jar: I made two lines. I added a large jewel (Dollarstore) to help hide the seams of where the ribbon ends met. I took jewel rhinestones and centered them between the two ribbons. Hemp string was used to tie two jingle bells on and I made a funky bow. I added a little tag with more jewel stickers and a winter sticker to help tie my theme together. 

I inserted a candy cane and filled with a sugar scrub recipe:

2 parts white sugar(or white and brown sugar) (2 cups for my jar)
1 part oil (olive oil, coconut oil, sunflower oil, canola oil or whatever you have handy) (1 cup for me)
mint or peppermint extract or essential oil ( I used 1 tbsp. of extract or maybe less: I eyeballed it)

Stir and spoon carefully into your container. You can slightly pat it down as you fill. Insert a popsicle stick into the center to use as a spoon or you can insert a small metal spoon if you can find one.

Wrap up or give away as it.. I loved it so much I had to make another for myself as my previous one was almost gone and needed updating...

And a few more angles: